Sing up for the V edition of FUTEDU Conferences

June 29 at 7:00 p.m. Alboraya (Valencia)

What do we undestand by FUTEDU Conferences

It is a learning community made up of families, psychologists, coaches and teachers.

A conference in which great professionals from the world of education, football and psychology are sharing their experiences and knowledge with families, educators and children.

Promote the values of sport for the integral growth of the “youngest

Provide useful and efficient educational tools to all attendees.


Clear objective: Debate, share experiences and exchange cultural knowledge in order to draw conclusions about the education of the youngest.

Bring together the best professionals in the field of education and sports to celebrate the days that families and trainers demand. We aim to achieve a conference that serves as an exchange of knowledge for a quality educational progression and contextualized to the environment, future and characteristics of our sons and daughters.

Our ambition is to give the greatest coverage to a child and family society by necessity, These talks offer equal accessibility to all people at different economic levels, to ensure that the values for life are accessible to everyone and thus help to promote and enhance the values of sport that can be extended in our daily lives.

A unique event in Spain, held annually in the Comunidad Valenciana