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    Kelly Real | Valencia CF and Ecuador national player

Kerlly Real


Valencia CF and Ecuador national player

I am a girl who always had the dream of having an opportunity to play soccer professionally, in my country it was not easy for me. There were many people who did not trust that I could do it and little by little I dedicated myself to this sport as my priority.

I played since I was 12 years old in the Ecuadorian national team. Things changed for me from that moment on, I really wanted to compete and learn from this beautiful sport. During my life in football, there were many people who told me that because I was a woman I wasn’t going to play in professional leagues, that I’d better go cook.

My father was my first coach, he prepared me physically and mentally for something that neither he nor I knew. We simply trained for my games, which I had on weekends on dirt courts. But every time I went to play, my father always told me that I had to look for the potential to be different because everyone was going to play football well and football is art and people want to see the spectacle. He told me get ready to put on a show.

I learned a lot from my father, the most valuable thing was the values ​​of being brave in life and thanks to that, I was able to forge, little by little, my personality to be a happy and strong girl.

Today I am the same girl who likes to go play soccer with my friends in the park. I always try to enjoy it like the first day I put on a pair of boots, I love what I do and I love my values.

Enjoy and have fun while you learn...