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    Paula Perea | Real Betis Balompié Femenino player

Paula Perea


Real Betis Balompié Femenino player

I consider myself a constant, fighter, with a lot of discipline and responsibility. Thanks to these values ​​instilled by my family, I have managed to stay in professional soccer until today. I believe that having a good circle of trust makes you a better soccer player, because in the end the footballer, before being a professional, is a person.

I feel very identified with this type of event, because I think it emphasizes the importance of the person inside that soccer player, which we often overlook. If we raise children with a good education and discipline, they will be better professionals.

My soccer story

My journey in soccer began like every little girl in the school yard and home courts. After a while when my friends and family realized the potential I had, we went to the Sevilla FC youth academy to do some recruiting tests. I was 11 years old, full of enthusiasm and intrigue for everything that could happen.

They called home saying that he would be with them next season. I spent 3 seasons in the lower ranks of Sevilla FC, where I was league champion all 3 years. I was champion of Spain with the Andalusian national team under 16 (2011/2012) and under 18 (2012/2013). In the summer of 2013 we proclaimed ourselves third in Europe.

During the years 2014/2015 I was regularly called up to the Spanish under 19 team.

From 2016 until now I continue my journey at Real Betis Balompié, where I am very happy and proud of everything I learn every day in this great club.

Enjoy and have fun while you learn...