Training Stages VCF


to become a professional soccer player in Spain

FUTEDU offers you the opportunity to live a unique and unrepeatable experience with its international programs. Programs with the highest quality to enhance and develop YOUR TALENT.

All the coaches used in our training stages are highly qualified professionals from the best soccer academies in Spain. Additionally, you will also have a FUTEDU coordinator able to help you during your stay.

Program GOALS
  • Identify the key points of the growth of our soccer player.
  • Advise you to be able to develop your football in the most suitable club for you and your talent.
  • Enhance your cognitive ability in real match situations in extra training sessions.
  • Create a specific methodology for your development as a footballer.
  • Foster your autonomy and personal development as a person and a football player.
  • Enable contexts for your Spanish language learning in professional academies.
  • Promote values such as empathy, respect, perseverance, sacrifice and fair play.
  • Enjoy the unique opportunity to feel like a soccer player in the best clubs in Spain.
  • Promote values such as teamwork, tolerance and fair play.






Gap Year


International Tournaments

From 4 days to 1 month

Teams or groups between 10 and 20 members

Aged 10-19 years

From any country in the world

FUTEDU Tours programme includes:
  • Training sessions in the best academies in Valencia, with their own methodology and the best qualified coaches.
  • Friendly matches against local teams.
  • Access to La Liga stadiums and the official store (Spanish First Division).
  • Possibility of attending a Spanish First Division game.
  • Coordination and supervision during the trip.
  • Official equipment for training sessions during your stay.
  • Cultural activities and trips.
  • Accommodation in a 4-star hotel with full board.
The experience will be adapted to your taste

Minumum stay 1 year

Individual programmes

Aged 16 to 23 years old

From Spain or any other country in the world

This programme is designed for players who are willing to live the experience for a full academic year, it is designed to maximize football and academic learning.

FUTEDU International Academy offers them the possibility to try out professional or semi-professional teams according on their level, they would be part of the Spanish competition.

Players will have the option to live either in one of our residence or with Spanish host family.

This program gives the players a first-hand experience immersing in a professional and academic environment, where educational and football skills will be worked at the same level.

FUTEDU Gap Year programme includes:
  • Participation in league games or tournaments within your team.
  • Training sessions.
  • Sessions with a sports psychologist to maximize your potential.
  • Transportation.
  • Periodic academic, sports, attitudinal and behavioral report.
  • Periodic review of performance with the possibility of signing for a professional club depending on sports performance.
  • Sportswear pack.
  • Health insurance.
  • Spanish language classes.
  • High School and universities attendance, or online degree registration in your country.
  • Full board accommodation.
  • Nutrition plan.
  • Alternative activities, cultural visits, trips, assistance to league football games.
FUTEDU International Tournaments
FUTEDU brings you the best of the experiences found within a soccer field. Teams from all over the world willing to participate in the best sport ever invented.

Teams of all nationalities will meet in our tournaments, apart from breathing football, you will live the best experience of your life.

Football, team spirit, friendship, rivalry, fair-play, all monitored by the best professionals.

The tournaments will be held in our official venues, the best facilities for the best teams.

FUTEDU International Tournaments programme includes:
  • Official matches against international and national teams.
  • Full board accommodation.
  • Alternative activities, cultural visits, excursions.
  • Watch a live La Liga football match.
  • Coordination and supervision throughout the stay.
  • Professional physical therapists.
  • Video evidence of the experience.
  • Closing party.
  • Awards ceremony.

Live a unique and unrepeatable experience