I’m Filippo Maria Montanari. I’m the Interntional Department coordinator. So my main functions are pretty much covering the whole international expansion process of the company.

Whenever we host new players in Valencia, whenever new teams come to Valencia, I take care of the whole process.Starting from the initial partnership.


What is Futedu International Academy (FIA)?

Futedu International Academy is a high performance Academy based on the East Coast of Spain in Valencia and it’s known for the development of soccer players and soccer academies.


Who are the people who work for Futedu?

The people working for Futedu are part of a huge family. We have to think about the people actually working within the company that I would think about coaches, our strength and conditioning coaches, which are people who own the wave of role license and have past experiences in LaLiga which is the highest división of soccer spain.


What are the programs offered by Futedu?

Actually potential offers two different main programs. The first one is the long term program which focus is to player development and it’s targeted to individual players. The second program that we offer is the short term program which is partnered with Valencia Football Club for training status. Therefore, the main difference is the long term program which is welcoming individual football player in Valencia for the whole season. It’s made and customized around their needs and requirements. Instead of the short term program together with Valencia Football Club it’s more to offer and provide an overall experience to any team or academies coming to Valencia.


What characterizes Futedu’s programs?

The main characteristics of our program is the fact that we focus mainly on player development. Therefore, everything that we do is center on the player development aspects. Obviously, since we want to cover the all process of a player as Futedu says, which is the combination between football and education, we also cover the educational side of the players.


What are the main objectives of the programmes?

As previously mentioned, the main objective for us is to make sure that the players that join our Academy at the end of our development program can have the chance to access professional soccer in Spain, for example. Therefore, everything that we do is to make sure that the players gets the support and services needed in order to reach professional level.


What leagues will a player be able to play in?

As a continue has connections with pretty much all the categories in Valencia within the Valencia region, depending on the age of a player, depending on how the wave and FIFA regulations in place in that specific section and moment of the player come to Valencia we can place the player within the third or fourth division here in space as well as lower leagues in Valencia.


What are the main additional features of yort programs?

As previously mentioned, our main focus is to actually put our commitment and efforts on the development of the player. So instead of just focusing in found the football side of the development program, we also focus on developing persons and personal growth. Therefore, I would say that the main characteristic that mainly differs us From other academies is we’re not just developing football players, we’re developing people. Therefore, at the end of our program a person is able to acceso professional soccer as well as undertaking a new academic path if you want to.


Does a player have the option to enroll in an academic institute?

Absolutely. As just said, we cooperate with different academic institutes in Valencia. For example with the international IB program, with the Cambridge program STEM as well as the ISAAC program depending on what the player would like to study,, we can actually look for a specific program for this player or simply the player can actually enroll in a University or College. We work with different academics in Valencia and companies that actually enable students and players to move from, for example, the USA to Europe without losing any credit. So if a player wants to come to Valencia and the next year wants to move back to the USA for instance he or she won’t lose any academic credits.


If a player decides to join the High Performance Program, where will they train?

We own three four different academies here at Valencia. Our academies are managed by us so we have management controlling all the academies. Each academy has pretty much its own level. Base don the level of the player coming to Valencia. We will decide which Academy best current provisional growth level according to development growth.


Who are the coaches?

We have a team of ten trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and tactical coaches. All of them are holding either with a A or with a PRO certificate for base don the availability of the coach and on the player level we have different coaches that can train the players.


Where will the players live, what kind of accommodation does Futedu offer?

Depending on the age of the player as well as the personal preferences. We can offer and individual house within the Valencia city center or we work with a resort in Valencia which is the perfect environment for a player development program. And it has swimming pools,  padel courts, tennis courts, football pitches. Therefore, depending on the preferences, depending on the edge of the player a different sort of what to choose.