Harsh punishment for a team that deserved much more.

The match began with our academy very plugged in and showing who wanted the ticket to the quarterfinals. The first half was dominated in all phases of the field, and with very little reward for our team, which had many chances, the first half ended with 0-1 on the scoreboard, a goal scored by a superb Álvaro Granell: a pass from Martín that Javier let pass under his legs in a masterful way and Álvaro would connect it to put the 1st goal of the match on the scoreboard.

fter the locker room, the Academy had a first 5 minutes that were dominated by the high intensity and pressure exerted by the rival. The change of system and the change in the locker room was good for the Tecfut boys. After defending for those 5 minutes, the Academy regained control of the game and began to take the lead in terms of play and chances. Javier, Álvaro, Rubén and Martín had up to 4 clear chances to seal the match, but after counterattacks, with a very good transition between defense and attack, they were not rewarded with a goal. The minutes passed and the Academy had no chance to increase the lead, but with the game under control, a wonderful save by Erick from a direct free kick was the highlight for Tecfut, until that moment. But then came the cold water pitcher, with 3 minutes to go, a foul from an isolated play of the rival, would connect a violent shot, which would be placed inside the goal defended by Erick, who could do little.

After this goal, the Academy tried with more heart than head, and so it came down to the lottery of penalties, which went Tecfut’s way, materializing their 3 penalties inside the goal. After the penalty, very well saved by the visiting goalkeeper, which, in the end, would be decisive.

The mentality of the boys, in a qualifying match like this one, has been spectacular, with the personality that characterizes these great players, making it clear that, whatever the match and the circumstances, they have soccer for a long time. They showed that not everything is good enough to win and they want to win in the most beautiful way in this sport, dominating the ball and having the leading role in the game. It didn’t happen and “luck” took away our pass, but these boys have soccer for a long time and we are very, very proud of all of them.

Our base is to form great people who play and develop soccer at the highest possible level and being aware that, in this sport, the most important thing in this formative stage will never be the result.

From Futedu we will always try to promote educational and formative habits above the competitive result of any match. It is our responsibility as trainers and educators to use this sport to help children in their personal and sporting growth, at all times we will give our best version as educators, we are wrong and / or right but we will always try to learn to help children.