The Valencia CF women’s player and national team of Ecuador, opens in Calpe her Soccer Academy to promote women’s soccer and the values of the sport.


On February 6, Calpe hosted the inaugural day of the Kerlly Real Soccer Academy (KR19 Academy), Valencia CF women’s player, with the participation of more than 150 children who had the opportunity to meet and have fun with the Ecuadorian player who did not want to miss any detail of the event.

The afternoon was marked by the presence of the player and more than 100 families who gathered at the municipal facilities of UD Calpe, collaborating club where it will begin from next Monday, February 12, the training and individual improvement for all participants who want to improve their soccer skills.

During the afternoon, the children performed different types of training sessions in delimited spaces under the watchful eye of Kerlly, where the fundamental element of the ball and the smiles of all those present were not missing, in addition to the attendees had a space for recreation, entertainment and games thanks to Discoanimación Luis Ramón , as a final culmination of the day.

With the help of Futedu Formación, KR19 Academy, seeks to help all children in training process to improve their basic motor skills and soccer qualities with innovative and fun training, where our director of sequential methodology, Toni González together with Emilio Estudillo as coordinator of the Academy, will develop “a training method adapted to the needs and characteristics of the players in small groups to complement the great work that is done from the clubs,” said Toni to those present.

The academy will develop different individual and small group training programs in the coming months with the support and collaboration of UD Calpe and the Excmo. Calpe City Council with the aim of promoting women’s soccer and grassroots sports in the city.


Participants may register by registering on the website


Futedu, a benchmark in sports education

Organized by Futedu Formación, a non-profit association, which was created with the aim of promoting educational principles and values within the sport, “KR19 Academy” comes to Calpe consolidating itself as a benchmark in the field of soccer and education.

KR19 Academy joins the Academy of Jaume Costa, Valencian player of RCD Mallorca with his soccer school JC11 Academy, in its work to promote good practice to families and children in grassroots soccer.



Futedu Formación is a non-profit association, which was created with the aim of promoting educational principles and values within the practice of sports. To this end, the association carries out activities such as:

  • Futedu Conferences: Talks and training sessions for families, educators and psychologists by professionals from the world of education and sports.
  • Soccer and methodological updating sessions for coaches and sports instructors in training stages.
  • Organization of events to promote pedagogical, psychological and sports education and training.
  • Organization of workshops against sexual violence.
  • Training for assistants and victims of gender violence.
  • Talks in private/chartered schools on training and career/vocational guidance to students.
  • Consultancy, management strategy and methodological training for clubs and sports entities on training styles, work methodology, intervention style of coaches and coordinators.
  • Advice to players and families on academic, personal and athletic development.