Nice experience in the first match of the tournament – Alevines

The match began with neutral dominance, with both teams proposing the game and with a high intensity due to the desire to start the tournament. In the first half Innotec takes the lead with a steal in the opposite field and a good offensive transition but our JC11 academy does not get down and continues with the plan for the match. We had opportunities, but we didn’t connect well in the final meters, and that’s how we got to halftime. In the second half, we tried to be more aggressive in their area and take more risks, but in one of them they created problems for us again, in another good offensive transition that ended in Innotec’s second goal. Our JC11 academy continues to press, and at no time is down, but the goals do not come. The end of the match ended with a 2-0 defeat, but with a good taste in the mouth, as they competed and played a good game.

The mentality of the JC11 Academy team was ideal for the start of a tournament, following their line of an organized game, channeled with the ball and with intense pressure after a loss. After the two goals conceded, the team kept their composure and were able to continue with their game, even though they were not very good in the opponent’s area. The players’ frustration tolerance and hunger to keep competing and never leave the game, enjoying themselves and having fun.

Our base is to form great people who play and develop soccer at the highest possible level, and these kids do it with great success, without arguments, with a lot of education towards the referee and rivals, and being aware that in this sport the most important thing in this formative stage will NEVER be the result.

From Futedu, we will always try to promote educational and formative habits above the competitive outcome of any game. It is our responsibility, as trainers and educators, to use this sport to help children in their personal and athletic growth. At all times we will give our best version as educators, we will be wrong and/or right but we will always try to learn to help the children. 😊⚽